Founded in 2017

The mission of the Association québécoise des anciennes élues et des anciens élus municipaux is to promote its members’ expertise and wealth of experience.

The AQAÉM offers a variety of services, including training customized to the needs of the former elected officials as well as mentoring for members wishing to take on new challenges.


  • To bring together former elected municipal officials in order to enhance the value of the experience and knowledge they have gained through their respective terms of office


  • To promote relations between its members and foster a spirit of solidarity and cooperation among its members, and to defend the interests of former municipal elected officials


  • To serve the public interest and raise the profile of municipal democracy within Quebec and elsewhere


  • To offer an organization that will facilitate the transition and repositioning of former elected municipal officials at the end of their terms of office


  • To foster a sense of identity and collegiality among former elected officials through regular activities that promote social interaction, partnerships and professional exchanges


  • To facilitate recourse to the governance knowledge and experience of former elected officials


  • To provide a pool of former elected officials who are willing to share their past experience and expertise


  • To enable former elected municipal officials to take part with former members of the National Assembly in missions, programs or conferences aimed at promoting or developing democratic institutions

Code of ethics

Version 3: July 2017

The values of the members of the Association québécoise des anciennes élues et des anciens élus municipaux (the Association) are as follows. All members must respect the rules of conduct and be guided by the values of the Association’s Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics for members aims, in particular, to prioritize the values underlying the members’ decisions and to contribute to a better understanding of the values of the Association.

The Association’s members and Board of Directors have adopted the following values to guide the members’ conduct, actions and decisions:

  1. Integrity
    All members shall be honest and thorough and uphold the rule of law.
  2. Prudence
    All members shall assume their responsibilities in regards to the Association’s mission. In carrying out this mission, the members shall act with professionalism, vigilance and discernment.
  3. Respect for the other members of the Association
    All members shall respect everyone they deal with in connection with the Association’s activities.
  4. Loyalty to the Association 
    Every member shall seek the best interests of the Association.
  5. Search for fairness and equity
    Every member shall treat everyone fairly and equitably and, insofar as possible, interpret the laws and regulations in accordance with their intent.
  6. The honour of membership in the Association
    Every member shall uphold the honour of the Association, which requires consistent adherence to the five preceding values: integrity, prudence, respect, loyalty and fairness.
  7. Political partisanship
    All members shall avoid political partisanship in the performance of their duties as members of the Association.